Friday, January 11, 2013

Training In Progress

Training (aka Killing Myself Slowly) In Progress

Okay, so maybe I'm being a little dramatic. I am enjoying the training process as much as possible (which isn't much) but I am extremely proud of myself.

I have officially registered for my very first 5K WHOOP WHOOP. Which is the reason I have put so much effort into training this time. I never imagined the way this would make me feel. I don't think anything so far in my weight-loss journey has made me feel so empowered.

Running in the Rain, see I'm devoted!

Recently I have changed things up a bit and I am seeing the pounds melt away. Shaking things up always helps! Instead of counting every calorie and stressing about staying under my "goal" for the day, I have been focusing on eating super clean. I am still drinking two shakes a day, one at breakfast, one at lunch along with a small healthy meal. Then the Hubbs and I are juicing for dinner :) Oh what fun that is!!!

Carrot, bell pepper, apple, celery, radish, cilantro, kale/spinach, tomato, turmeric, and ginger!!! This has been my favorite so far!
Mmm Mmm Good (I feel like if I keep saying this sooner or later I will believe it). On the upside I have T.O.N.S. of energy. I feel so good it makes choking the juice down worth it...

We have also been doing a Fab Abs challenge (Lane is having so much fun with this...heavy sarcasm). I have a shit-ton of core strength left over from my days as a base in cheer-leading. I can hold a minute plank after not working out at all for a year without blinking. (<-- Was that a run on sentence??? I suck at grammar) Oh well hopefully y'all get the point. I have abs of steel hidden under 20 or so pounds of fat, I freakin' rock...(modest much?) The Hubbs, not really. He has Z.E.R.O core strength and endurance. Love him to death but the man could barely hold a 5 second plank when we started. 11 days in and he is going strong at 30 seconds! So proud of him ♥ It has been so much fun to watch him get better at trusting himself and pushing harder. He has no idea how much easier he has made this whole process on me by participating. I know he hates every minute of it but that's the kind of love we have! I am so blessed to have him. 

This is the Fab Abs Challenge we have been doing. Try it out!!!
Okay that was enough gushy shit to last a lifetime, right? But seriously I love that man like I used to love cake! 

Next week I am going back to college... GULP. I am enrolled in a whopping 15 hours. Holy crap shoot me in the face why don't cha. The good thing about my increasingly crowded schedule (meant to be pronounced like the British do, now say it again the right way) is that I will have access to a gym again. I have many torture workout sessions planed in my near future. Plus I will have an hour to kill each day in between my last class and picking up my nieces from school. God has a sense of humor :) 

Hoping for a bikini bod by the end of 2013... Now it's time to work for it! Who's with me?!?! Let's make 2013 our BIATCH! 

Ready, Set, Go!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Great Things for 2013

Looking Back

Left was taken in 2010, Right was taken just a few weeks ago. Those pants are a size 24 that is a 5 size loss.
I am so proud of myself. I know I may sound conceited but I really just don't care. I have taken huge steps toward living the life I am meant to live this past year. It has been a long time in coming but I wouldn't change a thing. 2012 taught me some great lessons and I am so excited to put them to use in 2013!

My niece RaeLeigh and I at her first concert!
I uploaded this picture to facebook and I realized something important. I no longer feel the need to hide behind other people when I am in pictures now. I cannot begin to express how wonderful it feels to be happy enough in my own skin, to be photographed, without feeling like sticking a fork in my eye.

I stepped on the scale December 14th and saw this...

That says 188.4 or 188.9 I can't really see it and I don't remember!!! EEEKKK!
Why is this such a big damn deal you ask.
Well because that was the moment I had officially lost 50 pounds.
It also marked the halfway point in my journey. I sat down butt naked and cried like a baby.
You have to understand, I have NEVER before believed I could do this.
I never let myself dream of looking they way I truly want.
Until June of 2012 I didn't believe I would EVER be slim.
I have NEVER been sexy or skinny or worn a bikini BUT I WILL.
I promise I will.

230 pounds - 190 pounds
These are the latest progression pictures I have.
When I started I weighed 240 pounds, I didn't take my first set of pictures until 230 pounds, but I really believe that first 15 pounds or so was water anyway. So I feel like these represent 50 pounds of weight lost.
These pictures are why I keep going.
They are why I choked down green juice last night.
They are why I keep moving one foot in front of the other when I want to stop running so badly.
They are why I believe I can lose 50 more pounds.
They are also why I believe you can too.

Looking  Forward

I am so happy to announce my dear husband has decided to join me in leading a healthier lifestyle. He has been drinking shakes, juicing, and somewhat counting calories. I am so proud of him and I'm so happy I have a new guinea pig!!!

Us in Progreso, Mexico in January 2011

I am going back to college next week and I am so excited! I am however a little nervous about how I am going to handle teaching nights and going to school two days a week. Looks like A LOT of meal planning in my future!!!
Miss Ridlee and Mama on Thanksgiving

2013 is going to be the year I make my dreams come true. 

I will run a 5K by June and a 10K by December.
I will lose 50 more pounds.
I will wear a bikini in public (even if it's in December!!!)
I will go skiing for the first time ever.
I will make myself proud.
I will.