Saturday, September 22, 2012

Now that I have told y'all about the moment I decided to change my life, I am going to tell you a little about how I did it. 

First I want to mention that I am far from a nutritionist or a physical trainer. I have found my information from the reliable internet and in no way have consulted a doctor about any of this. I know my own limits and this has all worked well for me. If you feel like you need to consult your doc before implementing any of this please do so.

Last weekend my husband took my daughter and me to the Antique Tractor Show. They always have a blood drive there so I thought I would try giving. I am actually a gallon donor and I gave all the time before I became to unhealthy to qualify. I really missed giving (I know I'm a freak!) so I was pretty excited to try. I told the first lady that I wasn't sure if my numbers would be good enough to give, but she said they would be happy to check. A little background in case you don't know me. I delivered my daughter eight weeks early due to preeclampsia. My blood pressure was sky high (like 211 over 121 when they put me in the hospital) so I have since then been terrified to have it taken. The lady sat me down and told me to relax (yeah freaking right) and proceeded to take it. It was GREAT ( I was like what, don't screw with me about this) but she said it was perfect! Then she pricked my finger to see if my iron was high enough for me to give RBC's (red blood cells) and it was actually way higher than it needed to be! I was ecstatic! Here I was thinking I might be able to give blood... and I actually got to give RBC's which is way cooler than giving regular old blood!

When you give RBC's they actually spin your blood on site to separate the red blood cells from the plasma and then they put the plasma and saline back in your body. The nurse taking my blood called another nurse over to us and said look at her plasma, then she told me I had the prettiest plasma she has seen in months! That's right my plasma freaking rocks! So I asked her what makes plasma pretty or ugly, and she said it's all about diet! I told this story to say that not only have I lost 40 pounds in a little over 90 days but my numbers have corrected in as much time. Go me!

My diet is a lot less like a diet and a lot more like a lifestyle change. I remember HATING to hear that phrase before I began my journey. Every time someone said lifestyle change I remember wanting to stab them in the eye (seriously). It felt like they were telling me I wasn't living my life right. Since I have started I have realized that this is a permanent change. I will never be able to eat the way I used to. No more fast food every day, or eating right before bed. Sure I splurge every now and then but my treats are few and far between. 99% of the time I am eating healthy. However now when I do eat something like a piece of birthday cake I feel like it's something special to be cherished and I don't share that shit when I finally get a piece either!

I began by watching what I ate, mostly I was cutting portion sizes in half or more. It wasn't until I started Body by Vi and counting calories that I actually lost weight. I remember that first week of drinking shakes and counting calories I dropped around eight pounds. I know that was mostly water weight but it felt freaking awesome anyway! I drink two shakes a day and I have one sensible meal. I usually try to eat lunch so I can have a shake for dinner. It is a little frustrating to watch my husband eat a meal while I'm drinking dinner, but I deal. I have implemented several new eating rules and as a result I have been quite sucessful. I hardly ever eat carbs after lunch, and any carbs I do eat are whole grain good carbs. I never (this is that 99% of the time I was talking about earlier) eat empty carbs, for example white pasta, white bread, sodas etc... I try my hardest to close the kitchen before 6pm (I'm in bed by 9 so it's earlier in my house than most). I drink a ton of water, no really I think I'm sprouting gills on my neck.

Most importantly I count calories. This is in my opinion the key to weight loss. It is the secret that's not much of a secret. You can calculate the number of calories your body needs to maintain your weight or achieve fat loss. There are several different websites that you can use, just google Calorie Calculator. It's also a good idea to make sure you are getting enough protein and fiber. These are two things that will help you be successful because they make you feel full longer. I have also done a lot of reading on spices and the benefits they have but that is a whole other post :)

Along with a balanced diet I TRY (key word) to workout several times a week. I'm not gonna lie it's hard. I just haven't been very motivated lately to get up and move. I hope starting this blog will give me some motivation! Hold me to it people!!!  When I do workout I alternate running (or I should say huffing it at my faster than a walk pace) and strength training, yoga, pilates, etc... When I began running I used a Couch to 5K program but now I am just kinda winging it. If you are interested in C25K google it and you will find all kinds of different programs for whatever level you are at. I would love to run a 5K in November with my best friend who is coming home for a while, so I guess I need to find a serious program and start training (shoot me in the face!).

I hope this info helps! Again I am no professional I have just found something that works for me and I want to share it with whoever feels like listening to me ramble. Happy Healthy Eating!

                         June of 2010 240 pounds                                       September of 2012 200 pounds


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