Friday, October 26, 2012

The Liebster Award

Diane from Just Simply D tagged yours truly in the Liebster Award! I beginning to love this blogging thing :) 

If you have been living under a rock the past few days and haven't looked at any blogs, I'll give you an idea of what the Liebster Award is. Diane informed me that "Liebster" means favored or favorite (yep that's me).
Once nominated, each person is supposed to post 11 things about themselves. Then they are supposed to answer the 11 questions that the person who nominated them has written. At the end of my rant... I mean post I will choose (hopefully) 11 new persons to nominate that have 200 followers or less and have not been nominated before.... So here goes!

11 Things About this Crazy Chick:

1. I am a the biggest chicken IN. THE. WORLD. Really people I have nightmares after watching Scooby Doo.
2. I found my husband on Myspace. Luckily we have lasted longer than it did!
3. Our 3 year old daughters life ambition right now is to shoot zombies... thank you walking dead. (Her daddy let her watch it. NOT ME!)
4. I think Robert Downey Jr. is WAY sexier than Chris Hemsworth. Age difference be damned!
5. I have spent enormous amounts of time baking and decorating cakes. Go check out my facebook page Aunt Bea's Treats. I also teach Adult Cake Decorating Classes :)
6. I am not shy, not one tiny bit. Sometimes I wish I was...
7. I don't own any plain socks. I need crazy patterns so I can party like it's 1999 when I take my shoes off!
8. I have read every Nancy Drew book every written.
9. I love roller coasters!
10. I spend way to much time on facebook/pinterest.
11. I have re-textured and painted my entire house by myself. (I am totally out of interesting things about me)

My answers for Diane's questions:

1) Iphone or Android? Android Android Android! I NEED a back button!
2) Do you have an siblings, how many, are you oldest or youngest? I have a brother and a sister and I am the baby by more than 10 years! (explains a lot huh?!?!)
3) Do you drink any soda? If so what is your favorite? Not anymore... but it used to be Coke or nothing!
4) Do you write in cursive or print the majority of the time? I don't even know if I know how to write in cursive anymore... Pitiful I know.
5) What is a habit you wish you could break? Speaking without thinking!!!
6) If someone told you that you could see a loved one that has passed for 15 minutes, who would it be and what would you say? My great grandmother. She died when I when I was a teenager and I'm not sure I knew how big of an influence she was to me. I'm positive I never told her and I would like to.
7) Are you a list person, a coupon queen? What helps you stay organized on shopping trips? List person yes, coupon queen, not hardly! I would die without my "Out of Milk" app on my phone!
8) Do you have a "hidden" talent no one really knows about? Nope can't think of a thing...
9) Can you paint your nails on your non-dominant hand and it look good? Yes I can!
10) What is one thing you wish you could take a class to become better at? Writing HTML ;)
11) Do you say I love you to people you love before you hang up the phone with them? Not all of them.

My questions for the ladies I nominate:

1. Do you always think the book is better than the movie?
2.  Who has inspired you the most in you life?
3. If you could go back and change just one thing, what would it be?
4. If you could travel to any point in time what person would you travel to see?
5. Team Edward or Team Jacob? (I'm laughing out loud writing that one!)
6. Have you ever suffered through a bloody movie for your significant other?
7. Have you ever had the "naked" dream?
8. Do you think your vote counts?
9. If someone gave you a motorcycle, would you ride it? 
10. If you could fast forward through all of the previews you will see the rest of your life would you?
11. Have you ever baked from scratch? 

These are the Lovely Ladies I'm nominating: (please forgive me if I am nominating you for a second time and disregard the nomination) 

Meggan at Our Naturally Bare Adventure 
Jules at So Totally Life! 
Jennifer at My Quest for Personal Happiness 

I am quite honestly have a really hard time finding any other blogs that haven't already been nominated! If you haven't been and would like to participate please feel free to consider yourself nominated by me :)

Thanks Diane for tagging me! I had fun playing along :)


  1. I completely agree about Robert Downey Jr! SOOO HOT!

    And I honestly don't think I could write in cursive if I tried either!

    Great getting to know you a bit better!

  2. GAH! Sorry! I just tagged you too!! You can just ignore my tag if you'd like!

    Loved reading your answers and getting to know you a bit better!

  3. smh. Thor>Ironman. Just sayin.